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What is this madness.. Why is everybody and I do mean everybody coming to America AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!
My best friend just sent me this.. I don't know how to feel right now!! There is too much going on right now... To many concerts and fan meets and not enough time or money.. What is a girl to do when Shinee comes to the US and it's around the same time at KCON, BTS NEW ALBUM, JAY PARK, BAP, ETC ETC ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.. I'M LOSING MY MIND..
RIGHT!?!?! I'm sure my grandma would love me coming over that often, but my wallet can't handle it!
why do they want to come during the week of finals!!!!
My wallet is seriously on the verge of death but they are coming on my birthday so I can't miss this!
i'm so jealous!! oppa! come to San Fran!! Dx