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I'm usually not a fan ballads or slower tracks, but something about this song, video, and live performance has me hooked.

Red Velvet's comeback 'One of These Nights' is definitely one you need to hear at LEAST once!

Check the live here:

and the hypnotizing video here:

Tagging some RV fans :D
These girls are so creatively artistic. They sing beautifully, perform passionately, MVs leave you in awe and they do must of the overall creation of their music. Once I saw their MV for "Automatic", I knew these girls were the beginning of something new. They don't disappoint. They sure know how to keep you thinking. So proud of them.
I like how versatile rv is. It's great that they can do really upbeat pop songs like ice cream cake and dumb dumb while still being able to pull off songs like this. I also really like Yeri and Seulgi's dance in the live performances.
their vocals are so amazing in this song ♡♡♡ And I heard it was also a tribute to the sewol ferry incident. I wasn't expecting such a lovely and heartfelt song, especially from a kpop group! I guess you sort of get used to the mainstream hip hop and love songs after a while...
rv is that one group can keep you on your toes by different concepts that are really amazing!
I love the live performance! For a ballad, they incorporated a subtle but sultry choreo to it. 👌
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