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I'm usually not a fan ballads or slower tracks, but something about this song, video, and live performance has me hooked.

Red Velvet's comeback 'One of These Nights' is definitely one you need to hear at LEAST once!

Check the live here:

and the hypnotizing video here:

Tagging some RV fans :D
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rv is that one group can keep you on your toes by different concepts that are really amazing!
💞 I seriously love red velvet
their vocals are so amazing in this song ♡♡♡ And I heard it was also a tribute to the sewol ferry incident. I wasn't expecting such a lovely and heartfelt song, especially from a kpop group! I guess you sort of get used to the mainstream hip hop and love songs after a while...
Waaaah the live choreo is great!! I haven't had a chance to watch the music show performances yet and my gosh I am impressed! I don't normally get into ballads like this but dat Wendy man. Her voice totes captures my attention. They all have great voices don't get me wrong tho doods 😆 RED VELVET YAAAAASSSSS!!!
I haven't heard any of their songs before, I might have to now XD