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Light up your room the only way a Pokemon Master should with these 3D etched crystal Pokeballs. Each one contains a Pokemon trapped inside that glows brightly when you switch on the LED light base. Guaranteed to impress any Pokemon fan! These are absolutely lovely night lights but they come with a 100 dollar price tag! Those babies are for the ulimate Pokémon fan! If you like to keep up with my random Internet Finds please follow my collection The Internet Life here!
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@lavonyork much appreciated
2 years ago·Reply
@brandontearss they run in between 100 and 75 bucks
2 years ago·Reply
100 dollars is actually not that bad if it was like 1000 that's OD
2 years ago·Reply
@AnasiaLaureano when I first read it I thought it sad $1000 lol I had to give it a quick read again to make sure I was not seeing things XD
2 years ago·Reply