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There has been a lot of controversy around bat flips in baseball lately.

Current players, retired players, fans, reporters…it seems like it’s all everyone wants to talk about. Bryce Harper and Jose Bautista wants to change the game and bring more excitement with bat flips. Former Yankees, Goose Gossage is telling them to shut up and follow tradition.
Well, in order to shut down all these talk about bat flips, David Ortiz, entering the last season of his professional career, stepped up and spoke these words.

Take it like a man.

And there’s more.

If the Big Papi says so, you better listen up!

Yes there are certain traditions that must be cherished in baseball. I however do not agree with this “unwritten rule” of baseball that batters should not celebrate after they hit a homer. How is that disrespecting the pitcher or the opponent? The batter just came out as the better man, so he deserves to celebrate and if you ain’t happy with what the batter is doing, strike him out next time you face him. That is how you can get him back. Beaming them in the head is definitely not the way to do it.
Bat flips should be allowed...I mean it's not like it isn't allowed in the first place. And if pitchers don't want to see batters do bat flips, then don't let them hit a homer in the first place!
And I had a blast when Romo told Harper to just shut up haha
Yo you're right. We need more excitement in the game. But that shall come when the Giants win a World Series.
I agree with you...but can I do something about the spring training traffic down here by work place. it's making it nearly impossible for me to get home from work or go to lunch. makes me want to take a bat to their cars....OK down with that rant in all seriousness why can't they. it's like their version of a touchdown celebration..
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