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Should we let it go?

This is Meghan Trainor like you've never seen her before.
While some fans are loving Meghan Trainor's newest music video 'No', others are literally screaming "Noooooooooo" in complete disappointment at her drastic new look and sound. Trainor has been known for her catchy hits like "All About That Bass" and "Dear Future Husband" but as you can tell in her new music video, Trainor is taking female empowerment to an entire new level. Gone are the days of bright pink lipstick and very profound gender roles being portrayed with Jamaican music influence.
Trainor is back with lingerie, fish nets, and red hair to bring a new side of herself to public: sex appeal. The video is very 90s nostalgia with many fans comparing Trainor to 90s-00s Pop Queen Britney Spears. There's imagery of seduction throughout 'No' from start to finish that is completely unlike anything found in Trainor's past work. And like many fans, I personally think the video did not match the lyrics and left me in uncomfortable confusion.
The 'No' music video has garnered over 440,000 views within one day of being posted.
Below are a few comments left on YouTube in regards to the music video:
SlyIsh: "This is going to be a new meme. Watch."
George Barros: "i get vibes from destinys childs and pink and christinas 90s 00s idk"
Laureli Buenaventura: "I like her hair blonde not brunette it doesn't look good on her. I'm seriously not joking it does not look good on her. ..."
Alyssa W: "OK Meghan is a good singer but OK a 4 year old could have written this!"
Haylee Kosek: "I love you Megan trainor don't listen to the haters just do you and this song is awesome and all of your other songs just keep being awesome"
John Doe: "In order to dismissively turn someone down, a guy has to first ask you out. I don't think you thought this through, Meghan."

What do you think of 'No'?

From your card, I expected the song to be trash. But actually I kinda like the video - it's a good concept. She's saying that even if she dresses hot, dances hot, and looks hot, it doesn't mean she wants you to hit on her. More people need to understand that.
I love the song and I think the videos pretty good as well. I do like her blonde hair better but she still looks beautiful. Also that John doe comment is the one making me say they clearly didn't think that comment through... like the song actually makes sense... apparently they lack some depth of thought
@shannonl5 that's wat I was thinking, I miss this kind of music tbh
I definitely get an early 2000's vibe from it, and it is pretty catchy. I agree with @AlloBaber , I expected it to be worse... and we've seen worse in music videos. Also that her message seems to be that just because she made herself look good, no still means no. I get how it is a big shock to her fans, seeing her like that, though.
I like it. she definitely has room to improve for dancing yet, it's dancing that can easily be learned. it's catchy, sexy and still has a message. 😊😊
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