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Hey guys!

In honor of our debut being just a couple of days away I thought it'd be nice to share a fun playlist (and a little sneak peak to one of our themed days ... Shhhh) Here's a few of my favorite songs that I listen to when I need to relax or just get through the day!
1. Junggigo Jazzy Ivy (Grooveman Spot Remix) - Street Love I'm absolutely OBSESSED with this song at the moment. The beat and R vibe make it a perfect song to jam out to or enjoy a nice day!
2. 2lson (Feat. Zion) - No Way The beats and vocals of this song is perfect for a drive or to wind down after a long day!
3. Mamamoo Bumkey - Don't Be Happy The vocals of this song touch my heartstrings and the R sound of the beats mixed with guitar really make for a great song to listen to with friends.
4. BoA (Feat. Eddy Kim) - Double Jack This is just a feel good song all around! It's fun rhythm will sure to make you want to relax and snap to the beat!
5. Taemin - Ace It's Taemin ... What else is there to say?! His voice will make you swoon and the song itself is really well composed.
6. Crush - Sofa This beautiful song is a perfect way to end or begin your day! His powerful vocals are so soothing and will make you feel better instantly no matter your mood.
There you guys have it!! A couple of songs to relax to and a small peak of what's to come for our Calm Song Sunday theme!

What's you favorite songs to chill out to?!?

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