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While the two men are discussing the video, you try to pull yourself together. He has to leave; you can break down after he’s gone. You stand back up, reaching for a glass to fill with water. An arm reaches around you taking the glass from your shaking fingers. He fills it and helps hold it to your lips.
After you’ve drained it he pulls you into his arms. “I can get the understudy to go on.”
“No!” You pull back from his embrace. “You only got involved because this sicko started all this at your hotel. I should have never gone to the manager." You start to vehemently ramble, “If I’d just kept my mouth shut this wouldn’t be happening! I’ve messed up enough of your time and life; I won’t let this mess with you anymore!” He tries to pull you back but you shove him away and walk off down the hall.
“She’s in shock boss, she doesn’t mean it.”
He takes a minute then nods, “I’ll be at the theater if she needs me.”
Your trauma has hit the anger stage. You shouldn’t have said those things to Junsu, he has only ever been there to help and protect you. But you meant them. He’s only staying there with you because the creep linked you and threatened him. If you had kept your mouth shut instead of going to the manager for information, he wouldn’t have to be changing locks, codes, and schedules. As far as you can see, you are the problem. Well, you’re going to make sure that you cause him no other problems. You shut the cameras off in your room and start formulating your plan.
When he arrives back from the theater Do-yun just shakes his head. You haven’t stepped out of your room since he left earlier. No, you haven’t eaten; no, the cameras are off but he’s knocked to check on you and can hear movements from inside.
Junsu walks to the door of the guest room and softly knocks. He opens the door to see you already in bed. He stands there a few minutes, as if deciding, then walks in and over to the bed. He kneels down next to your side, his hand going up to brush the hair out of your face. You both know that you aren't asleep, but he doesn’t say anything. He stands back up, and leans over to kiss your forehead before walking back out the door.
The next morning you are up and out the door by seven. You know you are running away but you can’t face him; can’t accept the mess being in his life is causing. Joon-woo looks up, shocked when you arrive at security to see who will drive you to work. He gets Do-yun to take over the monitors while he drives you; the look of shock on Do-yun’s face at seeing you says it all. He goes to comment, but you stare him down and he thinks better of it. He simply nods at you and takes his place in front of the monitors.
Hearing the door beep motivates Junsu to get up from his already sleepless night. Grabbing his robe he wanders down the hall to stand in front of the open door of the empty guest room. His phone rings a minute later, “Joon-soo just left to take her to work boss. She doesn’t look good.”
“Understood. Thank you.”
You’ve made it to your office and have just started going through morning emails when your text goes off.
Junsu: Did you eat?
You: I will grab something here thank you.
Junsu: Did you sleep?
You: Yes, thank you. You?
Junsu: Don’t.
You: Excuse me?
Junsu: Don’t lie to me. I know you didn’t sleep. I know you didn’t eat.
You: Than why did you ask?
Junsu: Sigh. Come back we need to talk.
You: Sorry. I’m already a day behind in work. I need to finish this project on time.
Junsu: Can we talk tonight when I get back?
You: If I’m still awake. Have a good day.
You close your eyes at the pain in your chest. You can’t break down, you’re at work. You take several deep breaths and try to reign your emotions back in. This is for the best; this is survival, for both of you. What do you expect in three weeks when your project is up? You’ll be headed back to the states, he isn’t going to profess an undying love for you and ask you to stay. That’s schoolgirl fantasy and wishing; you deal in the harsh realities of life.
At lunchtime the outer secretary brings in a food delivery box again. She smiles as she sets the box down, “Someone takes good care of you.”
You open the box to find his note, “Please eat. Until tonight.”
Poor Junsu...He's trying so hard but she keeps pushing him away😐
Oh.....why does my heart hurt.....
Sagittarians have no patience lol
she's starting to get on my nerves. If I was her, I wouldn't think emotionally, I would be trying to find out how to get my stalker. She has no protection when she is not in the penthouse, where does she thinks she can go that is safe, huh? if this was a movie, id be screaming at the tv lol
patience.... he he he