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I'm a girl that loves kpop and other stuff 1 I'm lesbian 2 I'm Indonesian and Korean 3 I love animals 4 I sing to kpop 5 my chest is big 6 I'm very nice 7 I write a lot 8 I got kpopamino 9 I'm going to visit Indonesia 10 I'm happy I join here
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@CallMeMsDragon its a kpop app like you. an talk to people on it and shear your favorite groups solos and its a good community plus its free
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@CallMeMsDragon welcome also I put link to it in a post I put up
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@LesbianKpopper Welcome to the Vingle Family. ...You will love this place..lol.. see you around!!
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Welcome! Its nice meeting you. I'm sure we will get along with each other. Vingle is a great community with lots of people with shared interests.
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Hello and many welcomes my dear!!
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