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Oh My Girl! has released news about their next comeback! This will be their third one, after debuting last year with a self-titled mini-album. Oh My Girl! is an eight member girl group, sometimes referred to as the sister group of B1A4. Let's get started on this comeback!
Comeback is said to be expected this month, but unable to find a confirmation. (Check here for source)
Hyojung, full name Choi Hyo Jung, Leader/Vocalist
Mimi, full name Kim Mi Hyun, Rapper/Vocalist
Jiho, full name Kim Ji Ho, Vocalist
Seunghee, full name Hyun Seung Hee, Lead Vocalist
JinE, full name Shin Hye Jin, Vocalist
Binnie, full name Bae Yoo Bin, Vocalist
YooA, full name Yoo Yeon Ju, Vocalist
Arin, full name Choi Ye Won, Vocalist
Full member profiles here
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Track List:
Liar Liar (Title track)
B612 (Track 2)
I Found Love (Track 3)
Knock Knock (Track 4)
한 발짝 두 발짝 (Track 5)
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@kpopandkimchi hmmmm actually a very good question..... welp we'll see soon
I wonder how much of this music is by Jinyoung from B1A4? He recently wrote a song for Produce 101 :D
A teaser is set to come out on March 28th!! It's on WM Ent's official Twitter 😊😊