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This was teenager me pretty much every Saturday I tried to sleep in.

Yo, moms of the world. I get it. House chores are important, but damn, so was that dream you just woke us up from! We were swimming in Kraft macaroni with Zac Efron and musical guest Lorde. It was the shit!
i sleep in on Saturdays but then my dad makes me feel bad about it like it's a good thing to wake up early just cause he's an early bird
馃槑Agreed!! I respect my Lil 馃槏guy. When sat comes around, I let him sleep in as long as possible! SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT! And even more-so because of all of the extra energy drained out of the youths from those vid games and the screen times. Add to that the outside play/friend time. 馃檹RESPECT given gives you respect in return. When I don't feel good, he's at my bedside, if chores need doing he never complains, in fact, he tells his friends "I'm helping my mum with care of our home first, then we can play okay!?" If parents trust their youths capabilities towards appropriate responsibilities & know that they are good youths, than allowing then to sleep in from time to time will never be a problem! And I can get other things done while he's resting in, like quiet study, pamper myself, read at leisure / watch a higher rated movie or have special time in my courtship or heck, sleep in myself!! 馃槅馃槉
Ugh that's my childhood in 2 pics!
When you can't sleep in cuz its time to clean up the house
My mom only vacuumed when I was asleep. And she tried to talk over the vaccum.
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