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This was teenager me pretty much every Saturday I tried to sleep in.

Yo, moms of the world. I get it. House chores are important, but damn, so was that dream you just woke us up from! We were swimming in Kraft macaroni with Zac Efron and musical guest Lorde. It was the shit!
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oh do that... i just never win cause he just HAS to be right
i do that*
@anitadutoit Bahaha, at least you tried.
@danidee Honey Butter Twists are like those Pillsbury twist breadsticks but you glaze them in honey butter (even use it to make the dough if you make it from scratch) it's AMAZING omg... I fell so hard in love when I first tasted them. Haven't had them in the longest. I might pester her to whip up a batch soon hahaha As much as I love a good homemade something, it's super simple to do if you just grab a thing of Pillsbury dough and some Land o Lakes honey flavored butter! My mom and I are mostly DIYers but we get lazy sometimes hahaha!
@esha Oh no!!! On the weekends??