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Hobie memes.
Photos that make me question why he's on my bias list...
Photos that remind me why... HOLY-
Fetus J-Hope. Fun fact - The guy beside J-Hope in the 6th photo is Jungkook. This was before BTS. They were back up dancers for Jo Kwon - I'm da one. In the music video for I'm da one, there is also V, Jin and Suga! Check it out!
Hobie's smile (with teeth) is life 鉂わ笍
What band is next?
Guess what!!!! I haven't been posting because there has been no wifi where I am right now (out of state) and I just got a tattoo on my right wrist!!! It hurt so bad but I'm so glad I got it!! Meaning - I'm a writer. The tree represents me and the leaves represent my thoughts, the leaves have flown off the tree; my thoughts have flown off onto paper. Can someone say cheesy? Haha.
This is now a BTS series! If you want any other bands (k-pop) I'll do the ones I know of and most familiar with :) Let me know if you want to be tagged in any series! Picture credit to the original owners *insert fancy C symbols and stuff so I don't get copyrighted*
omg some of the pictures didn't look like jhope got7?
Ooh GOT7!!! Plz tag meee
tag plz
got7 is next omgzz hobie is adorbs and funny 馃槉馃槃馃槃
got 7 got got 7
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