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I decided to do special card for @xroyalreisx on this guy right here. So here you go girl!!
DEAN! Singer, songwriter and producer. Yes I did say producer and he actually produced some songs that you all may know. Exo "Black Pearl" and Vixx "Voodoo Doll". He has a true R&B sound that many love!! He has worked with some of the best including: Dok2, Mila J, Zico, Eric Bellinger and many more. This boy got some chops on him too!! haha
This first video is Dean feat. Zico- Pour Up and his brand new song "Bonnie and Clyde"
My absolute favorite songs right here!! These two songs right here are just... Yasss!! These right here are my banger <3
Dean feat. Eric Bellinger- I'm Not Sorry
Dean feat. Mila J- Here and Now
I really like this song! It also has @xroyalreisx favorite secret boo!! hehe
Dean feat. Dok2- I love It
Junggigo feat. Zion T., Crush and Dean- 247
Dean feat. Crush and Jeff Bernat- What2Do
The second video is:
Dean feat. Anderson Paak- Put My Hands On You

Just because I can, I'm throwing in a Bonus Song from that one who just won't let us be hehe

I hope you all enjoy his music just as much as I do :D tagging @xroyalreisx squad!!

Oh man, you are so right. for the longest I was trying to figure who he reminded me of... I had one person in mind and it was jay
looks like simon and jay love child
@xroyalreisx right! I love his look and style.
hello handsome