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LeBron has been under a lot of scrutiny lately as the Cavs struggle and the NBA superstar was found to be training in Miami with former teammate, Dwyane Wade. Also, news broke out earlier today that LeBron suddenly “unfollowed” the Cleveland Cavaliers on Instagram (This has not yet been confirmed as we don’t know if he was following the Cavaliers in the first place).

Anyways, do you know how LeBron puts down haters? With his performance on the court.

During today’s game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Denver Nuggets, LeBron posted 33 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists to lead the Cavs to a 124-91 victory.

And that is how you shut your haters down ladies and gentleman.

I really don’t get why people have to even care about LeBron not following the Cavs. Even Kobe doesn’t follow the Lakers!
They're going to get crushed by the Warriors during this year's finals as well!
@DavidGom Haha understood.
I still don't really like him....