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Amber reunited with her 'family' in New Zealand. The girls went over to New Zealand to film their MBC Music reality show 'Amazing f(x)', and it looks like Amber got to find someone just like her! On the June 11 episode, Victoria and Amber went over to a farm to spend a day with various animals like sheep and cows, and Amber couldn't help but laugh when she saw the alpacas and llamas! Amber's nickname is llama, and Minho even made a 'llama song' for her because she looks like the animal. Amber was excited to meet her long-lost 'family', and she spent a lot of time going around taking pictures with the llama and alpaca. The staff said, "The llama followed Amber around a lot, and maybe that was because they looked so similar. Side by side, they really did look alike." Source: allkpop Hahaha I love Amber and her llama joke xD btw if you wanna hear Minho and Amber singing the llama song: Such nonsense xDDDD haha
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haha this is funny. Love amber!