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How y'all fangirl 1 sec & hate on Got7 the next?!

So there are two two girls in my child development class that like kpop. (I don't talk to them I'm too shy) They were talking about Got7's new mv Fly. I was eavesdropping because I wanted to see how they fangirl. One of them didn't see it so the other girl showed it to het on her phone saying how much she loved it. Girl 1: "I don't like it. They used the same clips from the teaser. *Insert b❤tch face* The video was boring & the flight jackets I don't even know how to feel about those." Girl 2: "Yeah.... same." (This b❤tch just said she loved the video." Girl 1: "I liked BTS' concept better. It's like they're trying to do the same thing." (Don't get me wrong I love BTS but I hate it when people compare DIFFERENT groups.)
Y'all were just fangirling over them not too long ago & now you're talking crap?! This is why I need friends who are EXTREMELY OBSESSED.... like me. I know people have their own opinions but you can't act like you love something & then talk trash the next.
ugh their loss - sounds like they arent' getting the full effect of kpop loving :D
*inserts the most bitch resisting face with a twist of levi sass* how the fuck do those titan hags call th-no earn themselves the fan of kpop?! but at least you got the vingle fam,for fangirling
How two-faced. And they call themselves fans?!
eh they sound annoying.
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