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Has anyone else seen ikon once again getting hate this time people are talking bad about June >_< Can they just leave them alone it's like they don't have anything better to do besides trying to ruin ikon with all this hate.
But I don't care how much hate they get I will always be an ikonic who cares if June did go clubbing he is an adult now hell he could say he is dating and i would still support them! I love ikon just wish people gave them more of a chance before hating them.
Look they are major dorks how can you not love them ♡♡ ( Also I love how Jinhwan has this super proud look in his eyes! I just love this ship)
Anyway it just annoyed me seeing that ikon was once again getting hate, but like I said I will always support Ikon just wish people didn't jump on the hate Wagon so easily. Don't believe everything you read or see give them a chance before hating them okay!
I saw that earlier and people were saying he was rude because he didn't acknowledge them when they noticed who he was , my thing is These boys are constantly working constantly doing things for the fans and all they probably want is just a little free time to not focus on work/fame and to just enjoy life and it can get annoying if people don't give you any privacy or space so I don't think anyone should be mad over something so stupid , not to sound harsh but come on June is allowed to do what he wants he's not hurting himself or any one so I don't see the problem
he's old enough, he's human, everyone goes clubbing at least once in their life c'mon. let's ignore they because obviously they don't know him and they don't love themselves or receive enough love to their liking.
@Jiyongixoxo exactly I don't see why it's a problem it just sounds like a few butt hurt fans. They need to understand they are human too and need some personal space also June is awkward around people so I can see how he would come off cold anyway every fan of ikon knows he is that way. I think all fans of kpop need to understand that they need a little space and that they are human most of us do but there are a lot who act like they are entitled and own them.
who the fuck hurting my babies. We fighting! Fight me! COME AT ME BRO!!! THEY JUST HATING ON THEM BECAUSE THEY DOING SOMETHING WITH THEIR LIFE FIGHT ME!!!!!!!!!(-_-") I'd cut the bitch lol
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