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*mission impossible theme plays* Duhn Duhn! *rolls and whispers* Hi it's Sky. *rolls out and leans against the wall* Hey.. So in preparation for the launch Monday is Music Madness. This card is gonna be about groups my friends recoment me to investigate. (hence the spy like theme). Let's get started shall we.
1. One Ok Rock So I know they arn't KPop (they are J-Rock) but my friend Becca LOVES them so I'll give them a listen.
2. UNIQ My sister is now getting to know them so I have to deal with her screaming every few minutes. I have heard and am in love with their song "EOEO" though.
3. Boyfriend So I actually only know and refer to them as Twin Group because of the twins in the group.
4. KNK (Knock) I know they just debuted but my friend Kita Loves them already and I'm actually excited to learn about them.
5. Astro Aww the little fluffy babies. lmao I know all the members names thanks to my friend Mari. She can talk about them FOREVER and I'm ready to get to know them. I also know that JinJin is on SMTM this season. Even if I don't watch the show I wish him lots of luck. *Credit to the owners of the photos*
There's still alot more I need to check but these are the only one I could remember at the moment. So who should I start with? Don't forget our launch is March 26th!! -If you haven't already please follow/like and support our social media and website: Tumblr: Twitter: @KpopINT Instagram: kpop_int Website:
@CreeTheOtaku they are my favorite j rock band thr music is Sooooooo awesome nd deep 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃憤馃憤馃憤
@sherrysahar same I'll probably miss out on that one because it's at the house of Blues and I'm not of age yet
@CreeTheOtaku i know i wish to go to their concert i hope they come to nyc i love their music sooo much 馃憤馃挅馃挅馃挅
@kpopINT they really are and they do have some good English songs like last chance, they made a - well taka made a collab with simple plan and they're coming to Dallas
i am a fangirl of all these groups i love nd adore them soooo muchhhhhhh
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