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SO, here is my first chapter of my first writing done for Vingle. I do hope you enjoy it. It's just a brief section, but I wanted to share. Please feel free to send me constructive criticism, as I'm always learning. I'll tag at the end, let me know if you want to be tagged or not!
It was a motion she’d traced hundreds of times before. Left, right, up down, lips and to the sky. She looked up at the sky, shaking her head slightly before she turned, and headed in what she thought was the direction to her apartment. It’s not that she didn’t know where her apartment was, I mean, she knew it was here in Seoul, even based in this area according to her phone. Pausing her steps for a moment, she looked down at the glowing screen, and re-oriented herself. She headed off in the direction then, looking at her phone periodically before looking up at the building she’d arrived at. It was more fancy looking than she thought it would be, for the menial fee she was paying. Pulling the key from her pocket, she took a step through the door and was met by a gentleman opening the door in front of her. She smiled, nodding to him, and then stepped to the desk to the side, pulling out a piece of paper, and speaking to the person at the desk, nodding as she took care of introducing herself to the attendant. She’d been told about it, and she turned, going to the elevator, and then pressed the button, waiting quietly as you tapped a finger on your watch, letting the notifications pass, and then blinking slightly to look up and step into the open elevator, nearly bumping into someone. You bowed, blushing slightly, and backing away from them. You lifted your head slightly to peer curiously at the person, dipping your head, eyes still widening as you’d realized who it was you’d bumped into. You backed into the elevator, keeping your head down as the elevator doors shut. That could not have possibly been Choi Siwon. You shook your head as you pushed the seventh button on the elevator pad. Thinking back to the face you’d half seen peering over the mask, hidden by the hood over his hair. Those eyes… They were really difficult to forget, after looking at them in pictures and interviews over a few years. She shook her head again, stepping out of the elevator as the doors opened. She quickly found the door to the apartment she knew was hers. She smiled softly and unlocked the door, stepping inside, letting the key card collapse with the rest of the keys to the end of her lanyard hanging from her belt loop. Looking around the inside of the room she’d entered, she couldn’t help the grin that appeared. She was home. Or at least, it was home for the time being. She had thought to eventually move around the city, though if Siwon… No, it couldn’t possibly have actually been Choi Siwon coming out of that elevator, you’re just going crazy because you’re finally in Korea. A laugh escaped as she carried her bag into the other room, looking out the window at the expanse of city laid out. Her breath was caught in her throat as her smile continued to split her face. This was what she’d needed. It was everything she’d hoped for. A chance to just go and explore everything. To see the world she’d never seen. Quickly, she took a breath and turned, deciding to unpack before leaving to wander the neighborhood.
So, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. if you want more, let me know!
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