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For Day 15, I currently have 2 songs I have on repeat which of course, Is one of their new songs, "Fly" It is so good and I need to learn the whole choreography. I only know a little bit of it....
Currently, I also really love their other new song, "Rewind"
It has a beautiful beat to it in the chorus and when GOT7 released a teaser spoiler for the songs...I got super hyped for Rewind like because Youngjae started singing and I fell in love with his vocals...As always...But I also loved "See The Light" and "Something Good"
Here is their album spoiler...
My favorite GOT7 lyirc...Hmmm....Its a tough cookie, Pun intended xD But it has to be
"Fly Fly Our time is like sunshine after the rain" - Youngjae and Jackson, Fly.
I think the meaning is like be happy and be free that were not sad anymore...Basically like take advantage of being happy with sunshine after the rain...Plus in the mv, It shows Jr. crying because his members got to fly but he couldn't so he wasn't happy...It seemed like he fell into his death then woke up after a dream or in a coma or something then he wakes up to see his members..OR! Maybe they got to fly because they're angels and they're dead and Jr. was battling something or he got to see his friends again in a dream...I have no idea I have so many theories!!!! What do you guys think?
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XD it's okay he isn't mines either but that's some sexy moves yo *wink wonk*
@mrsjeon 😄 do you have a bias in SJ? I have a top 3 bias list 1. Kyuhyun 2. Sungmin 3. Ryeowook
Nae! :3 mines is donghae XD then comes sungmin and yesung but then there's heechul and kyuhyun and I'm like ewe
@mrsjeon Same here! Donghae is so good looking and a great singer then comes Heechul with his sass and Eunhyuk with that cute smile of his xD I'm dying
SUJU WAE U DO THIS like aish Ottokae *clenches my chest * bruh there song devil like omf they look so omf *dying with u*