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This is so funny because it definitely has a point. I mean, we're so afraid of violent movies and video games negatively influencing our kids that we totally overlook the REAL influences - like what those other bratty kids are doing!
I get this so much! My sister's kids were out of control before my boyfriend and I moved in to help, so our daughter stayed at my mom's house a lot of the time. I didn't want her thinking it's ok to throw a fit whenever she couldn't do or get what she wanted. She still does it sometimes, but I think it would've been much worse, had she been around for all of the tantrums we dealt with. She does the normal tantrums, not kicking and screaming and using "grown up words," like my sister's kids used to do.
@danidee ohh yes I will..u better give me what I want or else I won't stop screaming
@danidee sure am lol
@IMNII That's how I learned all my bad words!
@TurtleyTurtles Oh, I bet. It seems like you've been making some smart decisions though!
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