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Really loving these requests you guys! Another great song that I have never heard of by an artist I have never heard of. All you rockers out there, don't be put off by the lack of band name, this song definately falls under Alt Rock and I bet he hits Indie Rock sometimes too. Thank you @cindystran for this suggestion! Hope you like the card!
The verses of this song seem quite self-explanatory, so I won't go into what I think the meaning of this lyric is, instead I will jump straight into a personal example, so I hope you guys like those and/or relate to those. I am only 18 years old, but I am not absent of loss and misplaced hope. As I have mentioned before, my best friend lives 5,000 miles away, and my coach, a person who helped me through a lot of issues and who still does to this day, moved three states away (with his crazy wife). I was looking for a friend and a mentor and hope and love and I found all of those things in Rach and Cal, but they were taken away, and I still love them, but when I need to feel their presence, all I feel is emptyness. The same goes for my romantic endeavors. I am young and I know I have time, but that does not take away the hurt, embarassment, and confusion I feel when my relationships end for seemingly no reason, or when the guy I am in a relationship with blames me for his own issues. I have been let down when I thought I was finally getting a grip. The hard part about life is not always getting a grip on it, but having it grip onto you as well. Grabbing someone's hand to be pulled up is easy, but you have no control over whether or not the other person decides to hold on tight or just let go.
I am now going to share with you my interpretation of this lyric. I hope you connect with it, but if it means something else to you, just like with all the lyrics I comment on, please tell me what you think in the comments! I love to hear your guys' interpretations as well! It now sounds as though Laswell is writing this song for a specific person. He says he is writing the next bit for a girl, but he wonders if she remembers. At first this confused me. What does he wonder if she remembers? To answer my question, I read the next line. "It comes and goes in waves." The pain. The joy. The hurt. The love. It all comes and goes in waves. In phases, if you will. He wonders if she remembers her misery, because it has already passed. The happiness is here and Laswell is writing her this song telling her she is not alone in her struggles, but he wonders if she still remembers them at all, or if they have been overcome by good times. That lyric is really quite brilliant. It is also quite hopeful if one looks at it in a certain light. Laswell implies that the good we will experience will so strongly overpower the bad we experience, that we may forget some of the bad ever occured at all. I was raised in the Church, and I remember the verse in Romans, maybe 18:8, or something like that, which says, "The pain you feel now cannot compare to the joy that is comming." Same idea here, I think. That is just my interpretation though! Thoughts? Anyone relate?
@JayZK Glad you liked it. Also, I just realized it must be a pain reading my comment! I had so many typos from using my phone to reply back! Anyways thank you again for creating this awesome edit! I hope you don't mind if I use it as a phone screen saver!
Beautiful!!!!!! @cindystran the thought behind this was incredible. I really loved this so much.
I love the second one! Also an artist I dont know - thanks for sharing!
I didn't expect you to do an interpretation of the lyrics! I enjoyed reading every bit of your thoughts. "Laswell implies that the good we will experience will so strongly overpower the bad we experience, that we may forget some of the bad ever occured at all. " I agree with this statement. I believe the experience we have right now are all momentarily and the good will overshadow the bad. I'm also a Christian so I can relate to the bible verse you mentioned. There are many things in life that does not happen according to our will but I think as time pass you realize the struggles will translate into a bittersweet experience. . For instance, a relationship failure could be a helpful experience to another relationship. Sorry, I didn't intend my comment to get so long. I got too passionate after reading your interpretation.
Haha no worries. I do all of these cards on my phone so I understand the typo plight 😂 I do not mind at all! Honored that you like it! @cindystran
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