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BTOB debuted on March 21, 2012. Keep up the good work BTOB, and Melodies love you.
The seven member group is one of the most fun to watch. I think they are one of the most underrated groups also.
Leader: Seo EunKwang He's got an amazing voice and is one of the main vocalists.
Lee MinHyuk He is both a rapper and a vocalist. He's also acted in several tv shows and movies. Currently, his Nightmare Teacher is playing, though I can't seem to find in with English Subs, yet. MinHyuk is also an amazing athlete. He could be an Olympic athlete easily; however, he said music and BTOB comes first.
Im HyunSik He is also part of the vocal line, and has been writing quite a bit of BTOB's songs lately.
Lee ChangSub He is also a main vocalist. I would consider ChangSub the mood maker of the group, as he definitely has a 4D personality. He is always making faces.
Peniel Shin He is both a rapper and vocalist....and American. He is from Chicago. Peniel runs a vlog which he's been updating pretty regularly. It's nice, because it's in English, so no waiting for subs.
Jung Ilhoon He is one of the rappers of BTOB. Ilhoon just recently starred in a web drama. I can't remember the name of it, and I've only found the first few episode subbed.
Maknae: Yook Sungjae He is a vocalist and actor. He starred in both Who Are You School 2015 and The Village. Currently, he is in a 'pretend' marriage with Red Velvet's Joy on the show We Got Married. Sungjae seems to be the 'Happy virus' of the group.
aish I can't choice
Nice card....Yayyy for BtoB!!!
Awww congrats guys! Can't wait for the new album!!!
@twistedPuppy I go back and forth between a couple of them.