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Dongwan's act of kindness has been the talk of the town lately. It was revealed on the 11th that the Shinhwa member lent his previous manager 30 million Won (approximately 26,476 USD). His agency stated, "We weren't aware of this fact. I think he did it in a way that only a few people around him knew." This isn't the first time that Dongwan has been in the news for his generosity, however. This past January, he donated 30 million Won to the elderly, and he's been consistently donating to help out disaster victims, young cancer patients, victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China, Yeonpyeon Island residents, and other worthwhile causes. In other news, the Shinhwa members left for Hong Kong on the 8th to continue their world tour, '2013 Shinhwa Grand Tour: The Classic'. Source: allkpop Oh seriously Dongwan has to be the kindest and most modest star ever out there! I love how he always helps those around him, those less privileged or even strangers...
@Saravy Wahahahahahaha! I just realized how I said it. You know I love Yoda.
@YinofYang okay Yoda. @winterlovesong Well whoever she is, like you said, she'll be lucky.^^
@winterlovesong @Saravy No kidding. He's such a good man. Lucky indeed will be that woman.
He's so amazing and selfless. What a good man.
A great guy indeed! I wonder which lucky girl will marry him?