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Fuse TV is currently doing a Battle of the Pop Fans. Both Big Bang and EXO are in it, and up against some really tough competition. Both bands won the first round in this bracket competition, but now we have to help them win the next round. Big Bang is up against Demi Lovato, and although they are currently winning, their lead has been slipping. EXO is up against Pentatonix, and quite honestly they are getting their butts kicked. : ( Let's show our kpop pride by helping both bands get to the next round!!! You can vote here:
Come on VIP'S!!!!
Let's go EXO-L'S!!!!
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@JeniseRamos of course! 😄
ok done voting
I voted!!!
*update* EXO lost in the second round, but Big Bang won in theirs. They are now up against Jennifer Lopez and have a huge lead so far. Let's help them keep it!! 😄