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Yayyy! It's one of my favorite times of the week....time to watch Snow White with the Red Hair!! This show just relaxes me so much; I can't believe it's almost over :(

Anyways!! On to enjoying this episode!


Mitsuhide!!! Are you okay!!!!

My actual reaction to him: "What the hell is this nonsense why is he acting like this hahahahahhahahahahaha who is he??? hahahahahah. This is ridiculous? Lol how could he be any more loyal. That's totally impossible!! He was already just so loyal. This is ridiculous lolololololol"

Omg Mitsuhide & Kiki KILLING MEEEE

hope Kiki is blushing. Oh. No she's not. SERIOUSLY MITSUHIDE YOU NEED TO STOP.

Is it time to start the Zen X Mitsuhide ship lol?

I'll stick to mostly Zen X Shirayuki hehehe

Or maybe Obi x Mitsuhide

What kind of decisions will Shirayuki face?

This was totally a filler episode but that was OK with me! Really, though, we see that Shirayuki has once again proven herself as capable and awesome and perfect and MEANT to be part of the castle atmosphere. But what does that mean for the path they will walk together? Will she be able to continue to follow her dreams for herself and be accepted at his side....? I know Izuna said he's their ally now, but I can't help but wonder...

Also, I can't believe it's ending....

Will we be lucky enough to get a S3????? UGHHH. I know I can (and WILL) read the manga, but I just love having this show to watch every week!!!! I hope we are one of the lucky fandoms to get a season three :(
Mitsuhide & Kiki needs to happen 馃槃馃槃
@LadyL I use kissanime hehehehe
@LadyL I plan to watch s2 dubbed once it ends s yes I did :P the dub for this is pretty good!!!the sub is obviously good too. I love that they're both available almost simultaneously this time
@hikaymm shut the front door!! i watched the subbed cuz i assumed there wasnt an english version yet lol and if so.. then not fully. i hate starting an anime in english and having to go to sub. sometimes that transition is hard for me. but omg.. did you just give me a reason to start from the beginning again but in english lol. i loved it so much that as soon as it was over i thought about watching it again!
@LadyL It's just been airing since January so you're not too behind :) :) Watch it!! THe dub has been airing too if you prefer that haha. ANd I realllllly think we'll get a season 3!!
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