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Astro Wins! Sorry for the Late post it was hard for me to find a writer and get wifi :)
And so I decided to add two becuase their so short

Time Slip

You had a test in five days from now. You didn’t study yet. In fact, you couldn’t concentrate in general. Just the mere presence of Bin threw you off your game. Daydreams played in front of your eyes, blocking your vision.
“(Y/N)?” Bin called. You turned your head towards him with your pencil slipping out of your hands.
The corner of his lips curved upwards and he let out sounds of happiness. He picked up your pencil and handed it back towards you.
“You’ve been dozing off, are you sure you want to study right now?” he questioned stretching his stiff limbs out.
“Y-yeah!” you spoke. “I’ll focus now.”
His attentive eyes glanced at you before he nodded. “Alright, so where do you want to start?”
Glancing at the textbooks and papers lying around, your eyes locked on your AP social studies class.
“How about some AP?”
Taking the large textbook from the corner of the desk, you plopped it down in front of you. Slowly, bring reality to clean off the daydreams, you found yourself focusing enough to continue to stay with Bin longer than usual. Time was running faster and faster as you got lost in your thoughts besides him.
“Let’s take a break,” he spoke sitting up. You sighed and rolled your shoulders back.
“(Y/N)?” Bin called with a soft voice. You turned your head towards him and hummed. “What’s on your mind.”
You turned your head towards the blank wall. You were thinking about him. Wanting to hold hands and stay in his warm embrace as long as you could before he pulled away too quick.
An involuntary sigh brushed past your lips. “Something stupid.”
His hands slowly found yours barely brushing and holding it.
“A penny for your thoughts?” he whispered softly.
You thought of all the worst possibilities occurring and plucked the courage to say one word.
“You,” you blushed. “It’s you, Bin.”
And his hand slipped fully into yours.
“God, I thought this was one-sided,” he breathed of relieve. Your face was slowly turning red as you two held your hand together tightly. “I just can’t focus that well when I’m around you.”
A smile painted your lips. “It’s like time slips by, huh?”
“Yeah. Just like that.”


“Truth,” you picked.
“Who’s you ideal type?” Myungjun asked slyly. The whole group “aye-ed.”
“Ideal? I don’t have anything like that,” you replied thinking about it. You don’t have much experience with dating in general, so this question wasn’t a hard one.
“You’re no fun, (Y/N)! I change my question. Out of the Astro members, who would you date?” he corrected as his eyes glanced throughout the group. You cheeks colored slightly. You did have one person in mind, but how could you say that without making it awkward?
“You guys are so unfair,” you whined dropping your head so that your hair would cover your face.
“Oh! Does (Y/N) noona have a little crush?” Sanha teased loudly.
“Ya! Yoon Sanha!” you yelled. He immediately got up and started running so you ran off after him. “Do you wanna die?”
“Forgive me!” he laughed manically.
“She’s trying to skip her turn!” Eunwoo pointed.
“C’mon!” Jinwoo said getting up.
The chase after Sanha turned into a game of hide and seek. Miraculously, you were a hider in the large building.
Trying to smooth down your breathing, you got a text from Jinwoo.
Where are you hiding? Minhyuk is on the loose ㅜㅜ
You could be lying about that. I’m not telling you :P
“Except you’re hiding in plain sight,” someone whispered. You jumped in your own skin. “Got you, noona!”
“Minhyuk!” you yelped as he grabbed your forearm. He started to drag you back into the room you all started at.
“Aren’t you suppose to run before I catch you?” you asked seeing Jinwoo in the same room.
“Have fun,” he said before running out and closing the door.
“He did this to me right after I sent that text to you,” he sighed. You sat down next to him.
“So what are we suppose to do?”
“…I think they’re trying to play matchmaker.”
The realization hit you.
“With us?” you squeaked. He nodded with his eye contact steady as ever. “W-w-why?”
“Um, well… I like you, (Y/N),” he softly spoke as his two hands came together to rub off the shyness. Your face turning a deep shade of red, you dropped your head.
“I like you too,” you stated with a wavering voice. Jinwoo’s laugh was accompanied by a hug and the cheers of the Astro boys on the other side the door.

CREDITS: Astro-Scenario

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@MnM1264 These boys just ooze fluff. It's wonderful.
@ESwee So very wonderful. ☺️
I can never get enough fluff. 😘
This was super cute!
Aww it's so cute and sweet
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