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[4D Week] The Marvelous Jang Dongwoo

Jang Dongwoo, one of the nicest, funniest guys in Kpop.

He's a PRIME candidate for 4D Week :D

He is filled with ridiculous sound bites - he says the strangest things!

He gets really emotional really easily, like when his members bought him a cake a surprised him for his b-day.

He is no stranger to dresses and wigs. He's always in some crazy costume or hat!

He's ticklish, nothing can wake him up when he's asleep, and he likes to touch his members' butts.

What's not to love!?


Check out some prime Dongwoo moments in the video above :3

Who else loves this boy!?

This is the fourth week of Fantasy Kpop month! Please enjoy^^

See the full schedule here!
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also I love his laugh the best
a year ago·Reply
he is my infinite bias along with L
a year ago·Reply
He's so cute!!!! Which group is he in?? He seems super funny and his smile is so adorable!!!!!~~~~
a year ago·Reply
@CrookedShadow he is in the group INFINITE. They are amazing!
a year ago·Reply
@pharmgirlerin Awwwww I'll have to check them out then. I've heard a ton about them~^.^
a year ago·Reply