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Hello all friends in Vingle. I'm about to show you video from YouTube on people reaction to greed... I am touched by this video.. Do you think our good or bad personality related to culture, races, religion or country or else? I can see some cards from our friends here about humanity restored in animals. I appreciate that so much. just to tell you here that my dream job once, is a Vet. but unfortunately it's only in my dream.. LOL ok,then.. back to my card now...
I am not going to make you think I am bias, because I am not only want to show you the video from other culture/country but... to be fair and hope nobody will feel offensive to my card here, I give you our local video about the similar issue, greed
So, I am glad to see your comments or anything about this or just watch the video and learn something today. As usual, I am sorry if you can't understand my English words here, just mention it to me, ok Thanks. Tagging some vinglers here, @TessStevens @jordanhamilton @LeeroyEHutchins @alywoah @2Distracted @Patmanmeow @mchlyang @humairaa @luminahan @1FallenAngel @FaisalNajeebNM @nicolejb @sophiamor @LizArnone @VeronicaArtino @marshalledgar @RitikaDas @AlloBaber @ShannonI5 and some teenagers here; @arshada @gabbycalzada and everyone else here.