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CONRAD'S TRAGIC STORY NO ONE SHOULD EVER FORGET Please, I beg you, remember Conrad Roy. He was聽 a very troubled young man who had a sociopath for a girl friend. She took advantage of his vulnerable state and used it to instagate his suicide. She even helped him plan it and told him how, when and where to do it. He even had second thoughts which would have lead to his life being saved if she had not been there to tell him to "Get back in the car! You said you were going to do it. Why aren't you doing it?"聽 She even listened to him cry as he was dying. His mind was a battlefield. Michelle Carter was the voice of satan. Conrad lost the battle. He is dead now and his life could have been saved. There is currently no law against what she did. But her actions were malicious and unnecessary. You can sign a petition to help pass a law that would have her imprisoned and others in the future who would commit such an atrosity. Please, click here to sign the petition in honor of Conrad and to help protect others in the future. Let's join together to bring justice for Conrad. Here is more info and latest news on that case. Here are the text messages exchanged between Michelle and Conrad which lead directly to his tragic death. We are sorry that there was no one there to help you, Conrad. We will remember you forever.
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@leogirl32 I understand. I do think it's important to try to share links and reliable news sources when sharing information like this though, so if you have another source please share it!
@shannonl5 i have added it in the card. and yes you are right. thanks for the reminder.
@leogirl32 no worries! Thanks for the link!
@shannonl5 sure np.
What is wrong with people.