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So, I'm debating whether i should go to the SHINee fan meet or the GOT7. IDK WHAT TO CHOOSE HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Btw SHINee is coming to Chicago on May 8 and got7 are coming July 3
SHINee fan meet
SHINEEEEEE lol I'm going shinee all the way
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I would go to got7 and I don't know shinee that well (except for their songs) but I know in got7 mark (and Jackson) speak English so if they are having a fan meet also I would go cause it may be easier to communicate
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i think that what every you choose it will be awesome!!!! A kpop concert would be nice and the fans really connect in the fan chants. but a fan meet is different and has different stuff to it. make the best choice for urself.
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ugh I have to make this difficult decision too! why are all these wonderful groups coming all of a sudden? ㅠ~ㅠ I don't have money for this!
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SHINee. But only if they come to Dallas.
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