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Hello my lovelies! Are you excited to see this post? Because I am excited to share this with you. This chapter is a little longer than the others but it will definitely leave you wanting more or hating me for ending it where I did....Well....ENJOYY XD (Credit to owners of pictures!) Missed the other chapters? I got you~ Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Everyone started to slowly gather their things as I was still in panic mode. I have no idea how to take this. What am I going to do? THIS JUST ISN’T RIGHT. As Choon-Hee, Jess, and I were still standing there thinking about all the things that could happen on our nighttime adventure, we heard someone run towards us. “Y/N!” I heard someone scream. I turned towards the voice to see Xiumin run towards us. He was running straight towards me with his arms wide open, most likely for a hug. I tried to get out of the way but before I could move I could feel someone push me. I fell to the ground and looked up to see Xiumin hugging Choon-Hee. She must have been the one to push me. I don’t think Xiumin knows he is not hugging me. I started laughing. Xiumin looked up to see that he was hugging Choon-Hee instead of me. “What the, who are yo-” “Xiumin! I didn’t know that you felt about me this way!” Choon-Hee said while holding onto him. I was still laughing my head off. He looked down at me with the most terrified face and tried to break away from her, but she was holding on so tight. Wow, I should not get in the way of her! I was still on the ground when another one of the other members reached out his hand. “Are you ok?” he asked. I looked up to see Chanyeol reaching his hand out. I grabbed his hand and he helped me up. “Yeah, I am ok. Just remind me not to get in the way of my friend and Xiumin again,” I said, still giggling under my breathing. With a confused look on his face he looked over to see Xiumin struggling to break away from her. He also started laughing. Xiumin looked at us both in horror. “Help me!” he said. Reluctantly, I went over to Choon-Hee and told her to stop. She refused at first but when I told her that she would never get his love by holding him hostage, she let go of him. Xiumin broke away and went to hide behind Chanyeol, who was still laughing at the situation. “So what did you want to tell us Xiumin?” I asked. “You looked pretty excited about something.” “I wanted to say that I was excited to stay in a hotel with you guys but I don’t know if I am anymore,” He said staring at Choon-Hee. I looked over to her to see her licking her lips like if she was stalking her prey. I could hear the shudders run down his spine just by looking at him. “Well, it will be fun, but I am so tired. I will probably just pass out when I get to my room,” I said while yawning. “No! You have to play with us Y/N!” he cried. “The other members wanted to have fun with you as well. We all wanted to spend more time with you while we can,” He said with a straight face. I stood there with my mouth open like an idiot. Xiudaddy, SAY WHAT? They want to spend time with me? I looked up at Chanyeol to see him smiling and nodding his head in agreement. “Ok, well,” I started to say. “Let’s see how long it takes us to get to the hotel first.” I said in defeat, not really trying hard to resist what was happening. “Yay! I will go tell the others!” He said, running away, pulling Chanyeol with him. As they left, Choon-Hee and Jess started to hover around me. “Ooooooo! Look who got EXO’s attention!” Jess said, mocking me. “Yah! Y/N! It’s great that you are close with the members but bring us along and don’t YOU DARE get close to my Xiumin!” Choon-Hee said. “Of course I would bring you guys along. I don’t think I could handle the 9 of them by myself,” I said, getting dizzy just thinking about it. “Ok let’s go and get in my car and follow the others to the hotel,” I said. We all started to get in my car and as soon as the production team started to leave we followed behind them. We had decided to put on some music to get awake and ready to party at the hotel when my car started to stop. Confused, I looked down to see that I had run out of gas. No, no no! Don’t do this to me now! The car then proceeded to come to a halt. I tried to start the car back up but to no prevail. “What is wrong,” asked Jess. “My car ran out of gas,” I said. “Sorry guys, this is my fault.” I was mad at myself for not checking it sooner. “That’s ok,” Choon-Hee said. “Let’s just call one of the production members and see if they can come pick us up. We should get out of the car so if someone is driving by they can maybe drive us to the hotel.” She suggested. “Good idea,” I said. I turned off what was left of the car and we all heading outside. Choon-Hee started calling the other production members. The first one she called was already at the hotel and dead drunk. The second one didn’t pick up. And the third one was also with the group that was drunk. “Well aren’t they helpful,” Choon-Hee said. “Aish! What does someone have to do around here to get a responsible co-worker around here?” “I am sorry guys,” I said, still mad at myself. “It’s ok girl,” Jess said. “Someone will be able to get us eventually!” “Let me try one more number,” Choon-Hee said, already dialing the number. I just sat there on the ground. Man, out of all the nights that my car had to run out of gas. I sighed. Well there goes the night with EXO. I had a chance and I blew it.
“Look over there!” Jess screamed, waking me out of my trance. I got up to see a car coming towards us. Jess and I started to go to the side of the road waving to them to see if we could get them to stop. Luckily, the car started to slow down as it came towards us. Wait, this car looks familiar. The car proceeded to roll down its windows and to my surprise, I saw EXO’s manager driving and Suho sitting in the front seat. I stopped and just stood there, blank. “What are you guys doing here?” Suho asked, looking at me. I just stared for a few seconds before realizing that he had asked me a question. “My car ran out of gas,” I said running hands through my hair, frustrated. “We have been trying to call other crew members but most of them are drunk already. Why aren’t you guys at the hotel yet?” I asked. “We made a pit stop to pick up some snacks. Our manager argued against us but 9 to 1 is not an easy battle to win.” He said smiling. Before I could respond, one of the other members came into view from Suho’s side. “Why are we st-OH Hi guys!” said Chen. “What are you guys doing here?” “Their car ran out of gas and now they are stranded,” Suho said. I did not even need to look at Jess to notice her drooling at Chen. I couldn’t help but nudge her a bit as to not make a fool out of herself. She broke out of her trance and quietly thanked me. “Well we can just let them ride with us can’t we hyung?” Chen said. “We have room.” Suho looked over at us as if asking for our approval. We have no other choice. This is the only option. I nodded my head. They both started to smile and cheer. I couldn’t help but smile myself at the situation, thankful that their hunger had overtaken their minds. I called Choon-Hee over as she was still trying to get a hold of someone. I told her the situation and I could just see the evil glare in her eyes. “Let us just get our bags first,” I said, heading towards the car. “Let us get them for you!” I turned around to see Kai, Lay, and Chen getting out of their car and heading over to ours. “It’s ok-” I started to say. “We got it for you guys, just go sit in the back of the car and we will get your things,” Chen said. Reluctantly, I gave him my keys and Choon-Hee, Jess, and I headed over to the car. I climbed into the car first to see all of the other members in the car. They started cheering as we got in the car as if the party was starting, everyone except Sehun that is. There were three empty seats at the back and we just went straight to those seats. After they moved everything over, they hopped back in the car and we started to drive. “Do you guys have any preference in Kpop bands?” Xiumin asked. They all turned to look at us. Jess and Choon-Hee then turned to me, not wanting to answer the question. What the crap guys?! I thought you had my back! “Uh-uh-uh, your band I guess…” I quietly responded. They all leaned in as they couldn’t hear me. “What did you say?” asked Lay. “Your band…” I mumbled, extremely embarrassed, moving my hands to cover my face. “What?!” Suho yelled back from the front seat. “I SAID EXO!” I screamed back. They all were taken by surprise. Most of them started to laugh at me for being embarrassed for saying it that loud. Some of them were cheering as they were happy to hear their own band being called. Only one was sitting there quietly, zoning the world out. “All right then!” Suho exclaimed, turning on their new song Love Me Right. It was so funny watching them all at once. They started singing the song live in front of us, each member when their part came up, even Sehun. It was great to see them so close with one another and so into the music that they sing. I started smiling and dancing along to the music along with Jess and Choon-Hee. It really was like a party, just for us. After about 20 minutes, we arrived at the hotel. I looked out the window to see a tall, luxurious building. I could not help but feel in awe. Is this really the right place? I asked, questioning this. “We are here!” said EXO’s manager. One by one, we climbed out of the car and started to walk into the hotel, carrying our things. We waited in line with one another while checking into our rooms. The EXO members had decided to split into two rooms and Jess, Choon-Hee, and I decided to share a room as the cost was cheaper. “So when is the PARTAY?” Choon-Hee asked the guys after we were all done checking out. “We were just going to go chill in the sauna for a bit and then hangout and play some games from 3 to 4 in our room,” Chanyeol said. I looked down at my phone to see that the time was 2 am. What are we supposed to do for an hour? I am so exhausted. Even though this seems fun, maybe if I just tell them that I am ti- “Ok, sounds good we will see you then!” said Choon-Hee pushing Jess and I towards the elevator, leading us to our room. “What was that Choon-Hee?” I asked upset. “I was thinking of going to bed!” “Ok first of all you are stupid. Second of all, why would you go to bed when you have a ONE NIGHT ONLY chance to spend with EXO ALONE,” she said, giving me a look. Dang it, she is right. I sighed. “Fine!” I said while smiling, officially giving up on the idea of going to bed early. Jess and Choon-Hee started to cheer! They are such goofballs. We then headed up to our room and put our luggage down. After talking it over, we had also decided to go to the outdoor sauna. We went downstairs and headed to the area. We changed and wrapped ourselves in towels and headed into the sauna. I climbed in slowly, feeling the heat run throughout my body from the moment my foot touched the water. We went and sat at a corner, near the back.
“Hopefully this will wake me up,” I said while yawning. “Hey! This is no time for yawning Y/N! We have to start preparing for tonight. What if one of them jumps you?” I about choked on my spit when she said that. “Excuse me, say what?” I asked. “What if when we hangout someone gets a little touchy touchy, what are you going to do then?” she asked. I looked at her like she was nuts. “Ummm…I would move away! Also, why would one of them do that?” I asked. In response, she gave me this smirk. “Girl, let me tell you something. I saw quite a few of them giving you a look today. I think one of them may like you,” I almost choked on my spit again. “Oh my god! Are you serious Choon-Hee?” asked Jess, beaming brightly. “You know I did! I saw it with my own two eyes. I would know when someone gives someone a look. I give it all the time,” she stated proudly. She can’t be serious right? One of them, liking me? Like what in the world? I started to pinch myself in disbelief. This is just a dream right? Like all of it. Wait. That dream I had last night. HE was trying to say something to me and then I woke up. This can’t be coming true can it? Well, they did sing Love Me Right in front of us…OH MY GOD. MY DREAM IS COMING TRUE. I started to panic and get shivers as the thought of me foreseeing this happening was scaring me. It was then that we noticed a small group of people also heading into the sauna. It must be some of the other co-workers. I couldn’t see very well as the fog was blocking my view from the entrance. As the fog started to clear from the wind, I could make out three silhouettes. Did we ever have a female co-worker that tall? I got up out of the sauna, with my towel still wrapped around me, breaking Jess’s and Choon-Hee’s conversation. I stood there trying to see who it was when I saw that the towels weren’t covering the silhouettes upper bodies but only their lower ones. It was then that the fog cleared. Our eyes met. All 6 of us stood in shock. I started to turn beet red. Chanyeol, Xiumin, and Sehun were standing before us. They looked as terrified as we were. It was then that the wind became really strong. The towel of one of the members flew off into the distance like it was waving goodbye. I was terrified, and so was he. I started to run out of the sauna trying to avoid this situation when I tripped. I didn’t want anyone to catch me but a body cushioned my fall. The man that was bare-naked. Sehun.
OH MY? How will the grumpy Sehun take this situation? How did they mess up the saunas? And why is Y/N so clumsy? (LOL) Thanks guys for reading this chapter and I hope it was a nice a pleasant surprise for you today! Leave a comment below on what you thought of this chapter and look forward to when the next chapter comes out! Also, if you would like to be added to this taglist let me know as I would love to add you! Love you fam~ Thunder Buddies!: @JaiiPanda @ElleHolley @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @Dianabell @Isolate @sarabear1021 @twistedpuppy @ScarletMermaid @jessicaacosta90 @narutobandgeek @nadinerzz Tagging the fictionists: @Sailynn @lopleaf19 @VeronicaArtino @CallMeMsDragon @Defy24601 @ESwee @faith92 @resavalencia @SugaMint @Jinnyrod3 @PrincessUnicorn @SerenityThao @MaggieHolm @JamiMilsap @Elena166 @MsLoyalHeart @sosoaloraine23 @Kieuseru @yeniyx23 @AlyssaGelet818 @Ercurrent @VKookie47 @taylorthetwist @AraceliJimenez @monicacerroblan @SusiBosshammer @BAbrajan1 @SierraBecerra @frisky199123 @Izab3lla @RaquelArredondo @EmilyGardner @CallMeMsDragon @tiffany1922 @LisetteZapata @jocelynleosmusi @taisiakaps90 @tinafalcon22 @zzzdonk @KaeliShearer @ManduBum @Eliortiz13 @ammagrande @BridgetJara @SindyHernandez @drummergirl691 @gyapittman @JincyAbraham @Kpossible4250 @Izzy987 @MidnightMadness @JaxomB @ammagrande @Tipmon
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