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And you wonder why they say Yeezy is the greatest.

Leave it up to Kanye to have the city of New York standing in long lines for some Yeezy apparel. It wasn’t long after the man himself made mention about his Pablo pop-up shop in a tweet that fans near and far crossed March 18th to the 20th off their calendars. What's the difference between waiting in line for a pair of Jordan's and waiting in line for Pablo apparel? Well, that's debatable, but it's obvious Kanye has one up on Jordan.
The collection designed in collaboration with Cali DeWitt had fans lined up in Yeezy apparel while they waited to throw away some commas [in other words, spend crazy money]. Of course the pop up shop was a success, I mean c’mon it’s Yeezy we are talking about. Some people couldn’t wait to wear their new pieces they walked out the shop with them on. Yeah, it’s that serious when it comes to Kanye fans. Keep scrolling to check out some images of the collection and the pop-up shop below.

I guess it was definitely worth the wait.

Would you have waited outside for a couple hoodies & a bomber jacket?
haha definitely agree with @primodiva93
My sentiments exactly! Lol although I would've went for a hat and a hoodie too @primodiva93
No. Give me the shoes lol