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Got7 team:
She looked at me with teary eyes. I knew it would hurt her, me leaving, but i had no choice. My parents wanted me to study abroad to expand my knowledge mostly in English. I stood in front of her trying my best not to cry, i don't like crying... makes me feel vulnerable. We're both very young and we don't have to shed tears at such an age. She wants me to stay, to stay with her through thick n' thin. We've been best friends for as long as i can remember, since 2nd grade. It never occurred me that i would leave her, right here, right now on the empty school hallway in 7th grade.
I look at her now red eyes, her dark brown yes big and wide as always. I know we're young and still too young to experience true love but I kiss her lips in hope that she will remember me, something to remind her of me actually. Something that would let her remember everything we've gone through, despite the bad times.
I enjoyed her smile every time i saw it. I enjoyed her style; black as her favorite color and the red converse i gave her for her birthday. I enjoyed the long tight hugs she gave me whenever i felt sad or angry. Basically, i enjoyed everything from her.
She looked back at me with a smile but she's still crying. She gives me a kiss with her hands around my neck. I let go of her and stare right at her swollen face. I move a strand of hair away from her lips and stare back at her. I lean closer to her and whisper on her right ear:
"Wait for me"
"Remember me"
"I'll come back"
😭😭😭😭 he is already leaving..,💓💓 sounds romantic..Suspense as usual lol..
It's so intense!!!!!
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