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Here we go again...
Just like the "attacks" in Paris, the latest false flag has appeared in Belgium.
Scroll to the left or right and COMPARE THESE TWO IMAGES.
Hours since Belgium was declared a terror war zone, the ONLY pictures that are made available online are the ones that show military/police. No blood. No bodies. No victims. Looks like a military drill if you ask me.
Now compare the supposed terror pics from Belgium with ONE CAR BOMB in Iraq.
How can an entire city, such as Belgium be overrun with "terror" when it looks nothing like the effects of one car bomb?!
Remember, as the media has been propagating all over CNN and other outlets, "Several blasts could be heard..." Several is more than one, last I checked. And yet the devastation from these Belgium attacks couldn't look more staged.
Learn more about how the New World Order is decisively closing in on the hearts and minds of the masses.
Scary stuff.
Don't be duped a fool. You're a lot smarter than this!
Wait... @marshalledgar are you saying that it didn't happen?
I just heard about this, I hope it ain't real :(
@NotReallyHere I'm saying that it was controlled and created by the government
it isn't real. it's sad and scary that governments create chaos to start a panic so they can swoop in and make laws to control people. scary @buddyesd