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which one is your fav?
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@miranpark88 Yayyy! That's wonderful! I bet you must be so happy to finally have a break. Ohhh, traveling? That sounds fantastic! Are you hoping to travel overseas or within Korea? Either way, I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun and take plenty of pics of FOOD. LOL!
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@YinofYang I really hope to travel around Korea at least!!!!!! I need to take a breakkkkkkk and take my camera for useeee hahahaha
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@miranpark88 Sounds absolutely fabulous, Miran. Ohhh, it would be great if you could go to Jejudo. And yes, plenty of pictures. My friend (sushi chef) is going back to Korea soon and he's going to Jejudo. Lucky!!!!
4 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang it's amazing how you know so much about korea!!!! I actually i've never been to jejudo even though i lived in korea for like 5 years nowww
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 No way, I'm sure you know much more. I only know some things. (^-^) I got some insider info from my friend who left and the other sushi chef who is also Korean. :D
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