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So BtoB has been a group that has recently caught my attention for the past few weeks. Minhyuk, who is a rapper/singer, is one of my biases in the group. His voice is amazing and his rapping is so good. This song has become a quick favoirte that I can't stop listening to!!!
Congratulations to BtoB for their 4th year anniversary!!!Look at @JaxomB card for their anniversary here. If you want to learn more about BtoB I'm doing introduction cards on each member! Just click to this collection here.

What Are Your Thoughts On This Song? Who Is Your Bias In BTOB?

i felt refreshed after listening to this song
Oh he and EunKwang my favorites.....
omg wow I found my bias. lol
@JohnEvans You sound just like my sister! Just recently Hyunsik has won bias status, so be careful and hold onto Minhyuk! My bias is Peniel. I love his charming and calm personality. I recently did a card about their non-title track music and I put Minhyuk's Wash Away from their I Will Be Your Melody project too. It's so good. I just love how multitalented all those boys are.
@JohnEvans OMG Hyunsik!!! Minhyuk!! They're killing me right now xD Who's next? Peniel? Eunkwang? Changsub? Sungjae? Who knows! xD Sungjae has been competeing with Ilhoon for the longest time I swear xD
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