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Red Velvet got their first win on SBS's The Show for "One of These Nights"!!!
This is the video of their win!!
If you haven't seen it already this is their mv!
I'm not an avid fan of Red Velvet but I definitely support them and love their music and dance!

Congrats to Red Velvet!

@AmbieB really?!! let me share my brief knowledge with you 😊 they debutted in 2014 with "Happiness" and released a mini album last year called "Ice Cream Cake" they then also released a full album last year which was The Red" which included their hit song "Dumb Dumb" then they released "One of these nights" last week on the 17th! 😊😊 they have five members 😊
@blackirishawk hmmm that's actually very tru
awesome !
@tayunnie it is I also like cool hot sweet love... ppl prefer that only because it's close to what they're use to getting from rv
Good for them! So excited to see them in May at the Korea Times Music Festival!
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