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And since there's no correlation between weight and a criminal career...

It probably means there's still some biases we need to work through. A 2013 survey conducted by researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity created a mock jury scenario involving 471 study participants of various weights. The participants were asked to evaluate four different defendants for a check fraud case (a lean male, a lean female, an obese male or an obese female) and then asked to rate how guilty they thought the defendant was. Via Yale's press release:
"Male participants rated the obese female defendant guiltier than the lean female defendant, whereas female respondents judged the two female defendants equally regardless of weight. Among all participants, there were no differences in assessment of guilt between the obese male and lean male defendants."
According to "the trim male participants were worst of all, frequently labeling the fat women 'repeat offenders' with 'awareness' of their crimes."

They saw the same case, but when the defendants were fat and female guys thought they were guilty.

Granted, this is one study.

But it turns out that fat discrimination has been documented time and time again in multiple studies. This study found that 54% of UK doctors think it's okay to withhold non-emergency medical treatment from fat patients until they lose weight (because nothing makes you healthier than ignoring a curable disease!). Multiple studies have found that fat people are more likely to be fired, less likely to be hired in the first place, and receive smaller salaries and fewer promotions (via).

Fat is not immoral.

A person's weight does not correlate with their intelligence, aptitude, or willingness to work hard. A person's weight is their business. It's not a crime for us to punish, a choice for us to correct, or a personal failure for us to cure.
Ugh, this bugs me me so much. You are right about biases, but I think even just knowing this can help us realize it, or at least try to be more aware.
Wow, this is really sad!
@alywoah it definitely is! Biases like this go really deep. I have to catch myself quite often