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Hyper Light Drifter is a game I've been kind of dimly aware of for a month or two now. I saw it ready for pre-order a little while back on GOG, and it's stuck with me since I watched the first trailer.
The March 31 release date for the game is drawing ever closer, and the studio responsible for the game, Heart Machine, released a final trailer this morning. Exciting news comes in the trailer - an announcement that Hyper Light Drifter will also be coming to consoles, not just PC and Mac.
One of the most appealing elements of this game to me is the aesthetic, as I'm sure will be the case for many people. The simple 16-bit style of it all is refreshing in this era of 4K videos that no one has a TV for. It makes it all look very lovingly looked after, every bit of art in the game handcrafted and animated.
You play as a titular Drifter, mostly alone in this desolate, ruined world. According to the summary of the game, your Drifter suffers from a terrible illness, and a major part of his quest is to find a cure or some relief from his sickness.
The game looks small and bright and beautiful, and is reminiscent to me of other modern games with an older aesthetic like Transistor or Hotline Miami. All in all, I can't wait to play it. Especially considering that it'll cost only 20$.
Check out the final trailer for Hyper Light Drifter below.
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Yay for all platforms and reasonable price. Will check this out!