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Okay, I know everyone has their own meaning to what love is. You has some that state love is evil and others that would say love is wonderful.

Today I was reading a Webtoon (which I will share in this card) that had different finishes to the sentence "Love is...." So, the Webtoon inspired me to make a challange. The challange is very simple. I would like you to complete the sentence "Love is..." for example Love is contagious. Or Love is the end of seeing my friends. Yes, I did both sides of the coin because not everyone has the same definition and all our experiences have been different when it comes to love.

So take a time out and let's have some fun with this Vingle community challenge.

@AlloBaber @shannonl5 @jordanhamilton @alywoah @amobigbang @SamTheMallow @MichaelOgg @nicolejb I know I forgot some people, please tag them for me. Thanks in advance L A
Check out the Webtoon if you like lol. It's just oozing Love XD
Love is...that warm feeling in your heart that only someone special can cause.
Love is knowing that you are worth the wait.
Love is a radical act- in a world that teaches us to bully and hurt and hate, choosing to love is an act of a warrior.