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Evergreen: My, my.....why the lovely is all by herself drinking here? Lisanna: Hm? Evergreen-san!!! Evergreen: Hi! So... You and Bickslow are actually a thing now? Lisanna: Ah, Yes I guess we can say that.. Evergreen: And so... Your brother and me are just a cover hm? Lisanna: N-no... Evergreen: Hahaha~ I was just kidding, little one! Congrats to both of you. Though I have to ask, when will the invitations be sent out then? Lisanna: Stop it!!! We're still dating plus Im too young for that! Evergreen: Im glad for Bickslow, he seems really happy recently! Bah.. It's his nature to be happy. You certainly are his girlfriend, Lisa. But we've been teammates for such a long time. And by that, I can tell he's enjoying so much more than before. Lisanna: (?) Evergreen: Definitely more than before then, though.. He wasn't such a cheerful person when we first met.. In fact, he was....quiet? And he was the last member joining the Raijinshuu... I think you can relate... None of the Raijinshuu had a great childhood because of this.... Our magic.... was believed to be a curse. But Bickslow... Well he lost more than just that. Later when we eventually got close, he let himself open to us and told his own story. Only once but I will never forget... He used to live in a circus, happily surrounded by loveable orphan kids who treated him as their big brother. That seemed to be happiness, doing somethingnyou loved and being surrounded by a family and all that... But.... life takes away what you love. A fatal accident took his only family away. However. It gave him magic in return. A kind of magic that he never wished to possess. Random Villager: W-what is that? M-monster!! Evergreen: The kids' memories decided to stay and become his best allies. Their souls once insisted to stay but Bickslow didn't let that happen. So rumor might have said that he steals souls or somewhat. Well, he never does. Of all people Bickslow is the one who values them the mos- WOA! Lisanna!? Hey! You ok? Shhhh.... Dont cry!!! Lisanna: Im sorry's just... I know too little about Bickslow,... I-I didnt know that.... (He was so lonely) Evergreen: He just didn't want to worry youn Lisa! He didn't tell anyone except us, either! Bickslow: Heyo, Lisa!! Im back, missed me yet? Woah! What the hell???! W-why are you crying??? Hey! Guildmate: You made her cry, didn't ya? Bickslow: N-No! Tell me who di-... (Eh?) Hey Lisanna.... Whats wrong?? Just tell me. Lisanna: Im fine Bickslow.... Hey Bickslow? Bickslow: Yeah? Lisanna: I wont leave you alone. Bickslow: ....What? Lisanna: I'll be your Family.


Art done by Blanania❤

omg 😭😭😭😭
omg I started crying while reading this
Lol so I see TONS of diffrent ships on fairytail, and most of them is with lucy.. BixLu is one of them, and at first when I read that fanfic I LOVED IT but now.. I say its Bixslanna
Too cute not to share! 😍
I have very mixed emotions about this like its so cute and so sad at the same time 😭😭😭
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