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In high school and college, I always heard my peers talk about going on a break with the person they were dating, but I never quite understood the idea. Once I got into a pretty serious relationship, my feelings towards the idea of a 'break' remained the same. I didn't get why someone in a relationship felt that they had the authority to remove themselves from a situation that they were in as a team.
It wasn't until earlier today that that same feeling towards a couple going on a break returned. While scrolling through my Facebook feed, a friend of mine proposed a question asking her friends their thoughts on two people in a relationship taking a break. I contemplated several times whether I should reply or not and I finally gave in [see my response below].
I firmly believe that if two mature people are dating, they should be dating with a purpose at the end of the day -- better known as marriage and if that's not your end purpose than what's the point in dating one another? While everyone might not have this same mindset, this has been my mindset and it will stay my mindset.
I may currently be single, but I know that when I do get into another serious relationship there will be no such thing as a 'break'. If we are in this, we are in it together and for the long run. When we have our disagreements, we will work through them as a team. If I'm not going anywhere, neither are you.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Is it okay for a couple to take a break in a relationship?
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I don't believe in breaks. I feel like if you take one, then there is a chance you won't come back together. If I'm going to be with someone, then I'm going to be with them and not take breaks. I would hope that he feels the same way.
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Well said! That's basically how I feel about them as well. I rather just talk it out and work out our differences @MyAffairWith
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@jordanhamilton because after the break, there might be much to go back if the couple took a break because of the issues they were having
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Exactly!!! I totally agree 100% @MyAffairWith
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