Are there any other fans of The Ark here? I know they are a newer group, but I love them! I loved loved loved their debut song, The Light.
I don't know too much about them....I couldn't find alot. I hope they make a comeback soon, though. They seem like super fun, sweet, hard working girls.
I know they do alot of covers, dance and vocal. They seem so cool and swaggy! They did a great job in my opinion.
EXO, BTS, They do alot of cool covers.
They did an acoustic/ballad cover of Boy In Luv, which oh me gash, I lluurrvveedd. lol
BTS even reacted to their dance video! Which is super cool because I LOVE BTS and I also really like The Ark.
Does anybody else love The Ark? Sorry if I made any mistakes or am doing something wrong when making cards. I'm new at this, so if I am just let me know! Thank you all. :)
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I LOVE THE ARK!!!!!! <3
yesssssss just waiting one there comeback but like you said there is not a lot of information about them so it's hard to do research on them but I like how hip hop they are and you don't usually see a girl group doing such powerful and strong dances moves so I like their concept alot can't wait to see more
I love them too but sadly they are not that popular in Korea
@HaleyHerbig I know! It's so sad. They deserve way more recognition! I hope we can continue to spread the love, and get more people to see how awesome they are! :)
Btw, does anyone know if they have a name for their fans yet? If not, is there an unofficial name?