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It's been a wild week everyone!!!

We laughed. We cried. We did some soul searching. We started a Civil War over the Superhuman Registration Act- wait no. We made some funny captions and laughed at them. And now for the winner!!! They get to choose which character we'll caption next.

Let's hear it for..... @SparkRIDE !!!

Congrats friend!!!

You get to pick the character we'll caption next!!!

Thank you to everyone who made captions!!!

You filled the community with laughter and love. You rock!!!

And thank you to everyone who commented!!!

We see you! The commenters pick our winner. You're the ones who make the world go around!


We'll see you on Friday when we do this all again with the next caption contest! @SparkRIDE let us know which character you've picked! And until then... keep it weird ;)
WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!! Let's give a big hand to @SparkRIDE !!!!! You get to pick the character for the next contest!!! @Riddlesqueen0 @wendycraftq @MajahnNelson @TiffanyPerez @VictoriaKessel @Silver925 @JonPatrickHyde @TyTruth @Silver925 @nenegrint14 @GrowingArt @TiffanyWallace @CreeTheOtaku @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @nberry1620 @BlackoutZJ @sarahpjane @Danse @buddyesd @amobigbang @SilverFangZ @tbanj97 @PGLIFE @ChrisSantiago @CalebOrr @Jelloston @Ssj4Otakudude @humairaa @VoidX @Thatperson512 @dominika @Lizzeh @Lescobedo @matildajgarrett @MyAffairWith @BelleofRay @mellyortiz @DaiGakuSei @Jurgita @RositaGamboa @tbell2 @EasternShell @BecasFlowers @Chocomayne @otakukpopgirl @AshCrimson @DustinAtkinson @Marichel @SarahRegulski @YoSoySoysauce @jibarito @cardboardart @LadyLuna @ShinigamiSan @peahyr @lovelywhite13 @ZoilaObregon @SparkRIDE @SamTheMallow @DarthRevan @culversyanne @BeannachtOraibh @AkashBhojraj @LAVONYORK @loftonc16 @DavidPap @HaleValkyrie @arnelli @ComicGeek94 @wolpht @SparkRIDE @shelbiisonfire @MichaelOgg @AllieGrabowski @djdoubl3up @AleciaReedy @chuyslim @sammsosa @TonyjJohnson771 @LAVONYORK @Matthewripster @EmilianoMacias @ColeKat13 @InPlainSight @kneelb4zod @RyanOgg @anonymousbean @BrunoDutch @RaulGamboa @PrinceCampbell @NickDiaz @ladytanbone @ShonA @kuzuri96 @Naika8888 @MichaelHamdan @ChrisSantiago @ThePervySage @Ticasensei @RaquelArredondo @JayZK @RaulGamboa @redapple615 @hhead232 @MaighdlinS @littlemaryk @Melodicballoon @JimTurpen @BlackDragon88 @MishiiYukiko @Sara3 @CloeySuess @TambryInskeep @animechild51 @otakukpopgirl @OtakuDemon10 @AcaciaNguyen @MalcolmAllen @UNITZ @KaisPrincess we'll be back at it again on Friday but until then... keep it weird everyone! :D
Congratulations @SparkRIDE!
honestly I'm surprised nobody has elected for Dare Devil yet
@SamTheMallow that's why I try to comment on everyone's and occasionally just sit back and route for the underdog lol but the secret to winning these is to get people like me and you who are talkative going XP
It's nice to have a new winner for a change. usually it's me or @MichaelOgg or one of the senior peeps of our community.
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