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for this i have 2. v and jimin of bts. theyre both constantly battling for my ub spot! and plus i couldnt choose who looks better in blonde cuz in these 2 pics they both look AMAZING!
whos your bias of bts? #Thekpopchallenge
also first one about the bts choreos is like 20mins long for only 5 songs haha it was before i knew how to edit
@Lexxcisco okay great thank you so much! im just starting so im trying to get more views as theyre all very low still haha
@Lexxcisco okay cool ill put you in a tag list! your my first one who wants to be tagged in my posts!
@Lexxcisco yes he does me too! they both do theyre always hot but man on stage they are so extra i cannot handle either one of them!!! and yes i am gonna do all of them! i will definitely tag you! do you want to be tagged for everything or just for this challenge?
@MirandaStephens Ok sounds good! I will definitely check it out!!!
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