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for this i have 2. v and jimin of bts. theyre both constantly battling for my ub spot! and plus i couldnt choose who looks better in blonde cuz in these 2 pics they both look AMAZING!
whos your bias of bts? #Thekpopchallenge
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@MirandaStephens Yay! I am excited!!! 馃槂
@Lexxcisco i also have a youtube channel that ive started making videos on. im not too good right now but i think im slowly improving now that i have better apps on my phone for it. if you want to subscribe or even just watch the videos name is kpopfan forever77 (type it in just like that haha) i have like 3 videos now and im planning on another tonight for my youtube friend birthday and im also making a list of my top 25 bts songs tonight as well if you do subscribe please let me know your name where i can follow you back unless you dont have vids. anyways just wanted to let you know!
@MirandaStephens Ok sounds good! I will definitely check it out!!!
@Lexxcisco okay great thank you so much! im just starting so im trying to get more views as theyre all very low still haha
also first one about the bts choreos is like 20mins long for only 5 songs haha it was before i knew how to edit