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Wah!! I have been tagged to do this and since I am pretty bored...I am going to do this! Also because it looks like a LOT of fun! So without anymore delay...let's begin!
So here it is...and I want to do something different! I think I will put all my biases that HAVE been seems a bit unfair to only add one heh ^-^
1) Bias blonde
We start with my VERY first bias...Jonghyun!!
Next, the every amazing rock... Yoongi!!
In honor of their first tour I give you....Youngjae!!
Famous for having all blonde hair (Bap I'm looking at you)....we have Zelo and Jongup!
Next, my lovely boy...Hyukie!!!
Nu'est is up next with my lovely JR!
Up10tion with my sun...Sunyoul!
I can't think of anymore at the we will just leave it as is!
I may remember so maybe I will edit this....
I may have a card of another band that trapped me recently....guys I know ALL their names already!! Bye Gummyz!
@Lexxcisco okie I will tag you then!!
I am so happy that you are doing this! I would love to be tagged in the rest of your days!!! 😄 ( I am doing the challenge too so you can look at my results as well!) 😃😄