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Eiichiro Oda has revealed the secrets of what it takes to draw the voluptuous forms of the female characters in One Piece.
An article from Kotaku today cited the Japanese textboard 2ch, where Oda apparently did a kind of AMA with fans.
The question that prompted the revelation of his artistic process actually came from a question first about Nico Robin, one of the major female characters in the series and second female crew member on the Straw Hats. A question was asked as to whether her name 'niko' was a reference to her breasts, to which Oda responded no.
In continuing with the questioning, someone else asked exactly how Oda draws the women of One Piece. His response?
“The women’s proportions are three circles and one X. Please think and draw this way.”
And there you have it, folks. That's art in motion. Doesn't get better than that. Though, I'm sure most of us could have figured that out. In fairness, Oda also suggests caution to ambitious artists, saying that if you choose to draw women this way, you have to be prepared for some intense criticisms.
Well, either way, now we get a small look into the mind of this mangaka. It just turns out to be exactly how we'd imagined it.
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